Quality is of paramount importance at Dunes Industries and the value of Quality can be seen evenly dispersed in the very lifestyle of all the workers in Dunes. Every single employee involved in the production process from inception to completion thoroughly understands, effortlessly practices and painstakingly strives to improve upon the Quality standards of the processes followed.

We are committed to providing total customer satisfaction and enhancing shareholders value by fostering a culture of team work through mutual trust, caring, continual learning and improvements to meet the expectations of customers, employees, stakeholders and the society.

Management strives to achieve the quality commitments through following objectives:

Establish, implement and monitor Quality Management System in line with ISO-9001: 2008 requirements.

Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence in all areas of business and strive for ongoing improvements in all activities by continuous improvement of processes, providing adequate training to employees enhancing their skills, motivation of employees, assuring compliance with established procedures, and implementing appropriate actions to resolve any system or product deficiencies.

Ensure the compliance to legal, statutory, regulatory and other applicable standards.

Involvement of people and dedicated team.

Periodic audits, inspections & review to ensure relevance and suitability of policies and procedures.

Total customer satisfaction by providing solutions at par with highest international standards.


We are dedicated to creating a safe working environment for all our employees by encouraging a continuous approach to safe working practices. HSE is a core value of the company and will be managed as an integral part of our business to benefit employees, customers, neighbors and stakeholders. Regular training for safe working practices and safety regulations are part of the management initiatives. Our aim is to create an infallible practice of safety procedure whereby the instances of injury/accidents is invariably maintained at zero.

To ensure that our stated HSE objectives are achieved, the following guide-lines are followed.

HSE duties, responsibilities and standards are clearly defined.

Take into account health and safety of all its employees, contractors, suppliers and third parties who may be affected by its operations.

Protect and strive for a healthy and safe working environment by promoting positive actions and attitudes.

Conducting business in a manner that protects public and occupational health, the environment and employee safety.

Strive to eliminate all accidents and environmental incidents.

HSE coordinators are identified in each department and entrusted with the job of following up on HSE guidelines.

Involvement of Management & Senior Managers in inspection and audit of HSE practices & investigation of HSE incidents.

Making HSE considerations a priority in manufacturing existing products and planning for new products, facilities and processes.

Use the natural resources efficiently, reduce waste and prevent pollution to protect the environment.

Review policies and procedures on health, safety and environment whenever necessary and implement required changes promptly.